September 13, 2009

He Broke All My Stereotypes About Him

So one of my old college roommates, J, started texting me about some issues he was having. Let me tell you about J before I continue.

J was the typical hard-ass, thug white guy, who was a pre-mission, rebellious, and annoying roommate. I couldn't wait to get away from him for Thanksgiving break. Then came thanksgiving break and he was the one, out of all 5, that I missed the most.

I got back to the apartment, and once again he drove me up the wall, but it wasn't as bad as it was before. Now that I am home, J was by far my favorite, and I went back to visit him cause I missed him that much.

I was the only RM in the apartment and was the one everyone considered the dad of the house. J would come to me and ask for advice, help with homework, and even came to me when he had spiritual questions.

Well so back to today, J and I were texting and I told him that even I have issues I have to deal with, but his issues shouldn't stop him from going on a mission. He was a persistent little bugger, asking me what my issues were. And so I came out to J.

I was expecting a response similar to, "Oh, ok, gtg, bye." and would never hear from him again. Instead we had a good two hour question and answer time. He asked me for fashion advice (typical right?!), asked me which of the roommates I thought were cute, and what I would rate him and so forth.

J totally broke all of my stereotypes of him and how he would respond.

I even told J that he was surprising me with his total chillness about the situation, and he said, "Dude, I'm not going to hate, your my first gay friend hahaha"

I love J.... In a totally heterosexual way of course! ;)

By the way I told him he was a 8.5, cause he is pretty dang good looking.


  1. That's pretty bold of you to just tell him! Kudos. Nice to hear about people who respond with understanding and respect.

  2. Quinn, that's awesome you told him. I am so happy for his response. It is as it should be. I just sent a link to my blog to one of my best friends. I asked him to read it and call me sometime if he still wants to be my friend. I hope he calls. I think he will. It will be interesting. We have helped each other through some real tough times in the past. My life should make more sense to him now. Wish me luck.