August 8, 2009

Wanna Fight?

**Updated 8-9-09**

At my work, we watch a lot of TV, (it's part of the normal day, promise). We started to watch the movie 'Fight Club' with the hottie shown above, Brad Pitt. I have always thought BP was a cutie, I'd much rather see him then that pyshco Tom Cruise any day.

In this movie there are a LOT of scenes where Brad is shirtless, and let me just say on the first one my jaw dropped a little. Everyone after that, I thought to my self, BP will be downloaded tonight!

The movie however, aside from the gorgeous boy, was a very interesting movie. It was clever, and fun and thought provoking. Sadly one of the client were I work wanted to change the channel, so I have not seen the ending, but you can count on me downloading it to see the rest of Brad Pitt...... I mean the movie!

**WOW, I had obviously not gotten to the good part of the movie, where everything makes sense. WOW, what a though provoking movie.

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