August 26, 2009

Notes From Being Sick

I obtained a cough on Saturday which continued this week.
Yesterday morning it transformed into the flu.
So these are some notes from being sick.

Of course sleeping is a huge help when one is sick, however be warned of the headache after you wake up.
While sleeping is highly recommended, it would sure be nice to have that special someone to cuddle up with, plus they can nurse you back to health. (anyone wanna apply for my cuddle buddy?)

Drink plenty of fluids. For some reason my parents always recommend sprite or 7up. I don't normally drink pop, so this is a nice excuse to do so.

One normally gets cold when they are sick, but don't over dress to warm cause you also get hot. You never seem to be able to find a happy medium.
Since you really don't feel like doing anything, find a good movie to watch because you can lay in bed and still be entertained.
Beware of those cheesy Bring It On, cheer-leading movies. Even though there are cute guys in the movies, it usually give your a bigger headache watching the movie, then before you started it.

Ask yourself, how the hell did I get a cold and the flu in the middle of August!
Enjoy the time off of work as best as you can.
Don't get sick again because it sucks!


  1. Hahaha! I love your notes from being sick, especially the one about Bring It On! But I'm sorry that you are sick, and hopefully you'll start feeling better soon.

    Peace out!

  2. Sucks to be sick!

    I always get the flu just before the start of winter when the weather is still good, take advantage of the time off work. And Bring it on will always make you feel worse. Once you get those cheers in your head your done for! (Be aggressive be be aggressive) I feel a headache coming on.