August 25, 2009

Unfair Missionaries... Unfair!

Let me start by saying I really hesitated to use photos of missionaries or not. For some reason it just felt wrong, but nonetheless, here it is.

I'm probably going to hell for admitting this but here it goes. DANG there are some hot elders!

In my singles ward, for the past 3 1/2 months we have had one elder in particular who was so... dream... (Wow that really makes me sound gay). He and I actually became very close friends, I drove him and his companion to the beach for P-day twice. Whenever we were at church we were always chatting and cracking jokes. Of course this was a pure and healthy relationship.

However he left the ward a couple weeks ago and I made sure to exchange information with him so we could stay in touch. I did have a dream about him the week before he left, and I thought I'd share it. Don't worry its G rated.

We happened to be renting rooms next to each other, the missionaries and myself. One night Elder R came out of their room and came into the TV room where I was of course watching TV. he sat down beside me and looked into my eyes. We had a conversation where in I disclosed that I really liked him. He then cuddled up next to me and we watch TV for a while. We talked about him moving back after his mission.

(I woke up in smiles that morning)

Now, in my family ward there is an Elder B, who really looks like he could be a young AF model. Why do they do this to me!?!? He is a really kind and sweet guy and we have formed a small friendship. Of course I don't see him as often cause he isn't in the singles ward, but whenever I do see him, my eyes taste of the candy!

Plus, on my own mission there were plenty of guys I dreamed of serving with. One Elder S was my last companion and was a looker. We would wrestle each other at night (100% not sexual) But I always worried I would pop a woody.


  1. On my mission, I only had one man-crush, but luckily I never ended up working with him. He was in some of my classes at BYU before the mish, but we never met. Anyway, he's married now and put on a lot of weight. I am proud to say I am no longer attracted to him! Hahaha.

    I was surprised by how many of my fellow missionaries seemed so obviously gay. I mean, they always ended up as secretaries in the mission home and stuff. It was weird seeing such ultra fem elders, but they were good missionaries. Oh, and they were the "gossip queens" of my mission!

    One more funny thing, my old roommate was VERY attractive. I thought he was good-looking at first, but after living with him and seeing his life-style, I wasn't attracted anymore. Well, he told me this story about how his investigator in Canada (who was married) told him that he loved him and that he wanted to leave his family to be with him! Isn't that hilarious! Well, "messed up" is more appropriate, but I think a LOT of people are attracted to missionaries because they view them as untainted and innocent.

  2. Hey! I was a secretary on my mission....