August 22, 2009

Parents Found My Blog

Well I donno how but my parents found my blog... and read all of it!

I went up to the family computer and saw my blog open on the desktop. I quickly went over and closed it, and deleted the history. I was in a panic. Who all saw it? Luckily my one brother who lives at home is the only one who doesn't know about me yet, and he was at work.

I tried to act casual, but inside I was freaking out. I text my good friend from Portland and lamented to him about this breech of privacy.

Finally before my father went to bed, he came down and told me he saw it. He said it was on the desktop when he got on the computer, (dang little lepercons reading my blog forgot to close the browser.)

He began by saying, "I read your blog and it really helped me understand what your feelings are and what your going through."


Wow, not at all what I was expecting from him. He asked me somethings he read about and some impressions he got, most of which were things we had talked about before. No judgments, no punishments, and no ill feelings for the post about my parents reaction to my friend and me seeing a movie.

I asked him if he would please not read it again, so that I can write without holding back my feelings; knowing he and my mother would read it. He agreed, but he asked if I ever write something that could help him understand my thoughts and feelings better, to please show him.

Wow... I honestly thought this would be the end of my freedom while living at home, but once again my parents are simply amazing!


  1. Lucky you. When my parents found my blog... their feelings were not so understanding :)

  2. Sounds like a blessing in disguise. But it might be harder to write what you really want from now on cuz you dunno if your parents are reading it or not. online privacy is a bizatch, but at least they didn't find porn or something! haha!

  3. I agree with ben, my parents (well my mom) reads my blog and I sit down to write stuff and think twice about what I am writting. But now I have moved to las vegas it has given me that distance I needed to be my own person. I really enjoy reading your blog keep it up.

  4. I have really mixed feelings about showing my parents my blog. I too love being able to write so openly and if I knew that they read it would make it hard for me to be so open. Maybe that is bad.... but oh well.