August 15, 2009

August 15th 2009 - Friends - Part 1

This is the first post in a three part series about friendships, my friendships. This is not intended to be a pity post or anything more than just explaining who I am.

Part 1- Past friendships.
To know where I'm going, I must first take a look at where I have come from.

Part 2- Current Friendships.
A look at where I currently am.

Part 3- Future Friendships.

A look at where I want to be.
As I have posted before I have a best friend who I have known since birth. Our friendship has been strong as strong can be, and we are still kindred spirits.

But let me talk about others. I have always been a kind and friendly person. The kid everyone knew and said hello to. I had more acquaintances than I could remember names, but no friends.

In first grade I was part of a club with three others that believed in ghosts. We would go hunting every recess for ghosts out beyond the school yard fence. We looked for lepercons (sp?) on St. Patrick's Day. We even planned on calling each other at midnight and ride our bikes to school to hunt the ground for ghosts, which by the way, never happened. Eventually the group dismantled and all but me denied believing in ghosts. My first grade teacher, being the awesome guy he was, talked to me and said I can believe what ever I want to believe no matter what others think.

It wasn't until the 5th grade that I met my first guy friend. One of the popular kids, CT, noticed that all the girls liked to talk to me and thought I was sweet, and he wanted girls to like him too, so one day he came over to me and said, "Hey, I want to be just like you, can I be your friend?"

WHAT! One of the popular kids wants to be my friend? HECK YES! A few weeks later after CT and I became friends, the popular guys were sitting next to us, and told CT he had to choose, either be friends with them, or with the nerd (I suppose the nerd was me). CT choose me!

I went home being the most proud I had ever been in my whole life. CT and I would spend nights at each others houses, and play every recess together will my girlfriends. We went though choir together in middle school and high school. However in high school CT met a new punk rocker in choir and soon started to dress like him and listen to his music. CT and I were still good buds, but we lost our friendship.

Two days before my junior year in high school, I moved. Made a similar best friend to the girl Ive known since birth, but I was not her BFF, but just one of her best friends. I was still known as the nice guy people would always say hi to.

I have always had girl friends, and CT, but none of which were the type of person I could call at any time and go hang out with, or tell all my secrets to. As I stated before I had many acquaintances, but no friends, and certainly no best friends growing up.

What about my best friend since birth you ask?
We were voted the most involved in middle school, and every one asked us to invite them to our wedding, because everyone thought we would be married. I thought so too.

JL is and has always been my best friend, and we are stronger now more than ever. I think she and I would both agree we were not the best friends that were always side by side, inseparable people, but that does not lessen what we had, we had something more than a best friendship. We always said maybe we agreed in the pre-mortal life to be best friends.

This concludes Part 1

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Current Friendships.


  1. I really like this it helps us get to know you!

  2. Nice to get to know you. Your friendship with JL sounds wonderful. I believe that the strength of friendship is based on the depth of trust and feeling, and that does NOT depend on an "I have to be with you every second of every day" relationship. I have excellent, close friends from 30 years ago who I only speak to occasionally. But I still feel very close to them.