July 9, 2009

Sports and Me

Let me just add to all the gay stereotypes out there, sports and me have never mixed to well.

I did soccer in 5th grade, volleyball in 6th, quite track and field in 7th, and refused to sign up for football in 8th.

That being said, I hasn't stopped me from getting out on the field every so often.

This past week, my brother invited me (for the fifth time) to go play a casual game of soccer (proper name football) with him and some other people from church. I sure do miss playing football. I would play it nearly every week on my mission.

Before I forget let me introduce you to my boyfriend. Christiano Ronaldo. Don't tell anyone we're dating though, we're kinda keeping it on the down-low ;)

So having played these past two weeks, has really made me love the sport again. FYI I'm not to bad. I listen to advice and try to apply it. I'm not the best but I'm definitely not the worst! So breaking the stereotypes is possible!


  1. Here's a practical thought: Participate in "football" as much as you can. Being physically exhausted will help you in dealing with the porn and masturbation issues that seem to trouble you so and cause you so much guilt. It sounds like something out of a 1950s "how to raise a boy" book, but I believe it's true. When I am worn out after intense physical activity, all I can think of at night is falling asleep.

    Good luck brother! Remember to be generous and compassionate with yourself. I bet you wouldn't be as harsh with someone else who was facing your struggles as you are with yourself.

  2. Dude, I know how just applying yourself makes you better at sports. I was afraid to play because I thought I would just make a fool out of myself. Once you stop caring how you look on the field, you have a lot more fun! Cristiano is uber hot btw.