July 30, 2009

25 Random Things About of Me

Here are a few random facts about me.

1- I use to have a speech impediment, but I took speech therapy in 2-3 grade and its gone!

2- I'm OCD when it comes to washing my hands.

3- I attempted to write a novel about the Titanic when I was in 3rd grade.

4- I'm a fantastic listener.

5- I wish more people would listen to me.

6- I love to travel, until I actually have to do it.

7- I love photography.

8- I enjoy being the center of attention, but would prefer to be the unnoticed person in the back.

9- I freakishly love school.

10- I love to ask questions about people, but wish they would ask me questions to. I have a love affair with answering questions.

11- I am a hardcore conservative, however a raving liberal can be my best friend, as long as they know why they support those views. If their going to spit talking points, I would rather not talk to them.

12- I am always 15-10 minutes early everywhere.

13- If I am running late I start to panic.

14- In school, I wanted to place a tape recorder in my backpack and leave it near my friends and walk away to see what they would say, (never did though).

15- I am a quick adapter to change, (not Obama's change because come on, thats just socialism)

16- I am probably the most frugal person you will ever meet, thanks to my mom!

17- I love being with and around old people. They always tug on my heart strings.

18- I cannot multi-task, but I try.

19- I am horrible talking on the phone. When I was younger if I had to call my uncle, I would write down word for word what I would say, so I didn't stutter.20- I sometimes stutter in normal conversation.

21- I often appear cool, calm and collected, but inside I'm screaming.

22- I love to people watch. Even better than people watching, is watching people, who are watching other people.

23- I hate reading with a passion.

24- I think I'm a pretty fun person.

25. But I also think I'm a very boring person.


  1. Wow! You are a terrific phographer! I loved your pictures! It sounds like we have a lot in common- I, too, really enjoy photgraphy, listening to people, asking questions, wanting epople to listen to me, and wanting people to ask me questions, too. so, if I asked you a bunch of questions, would you answer them?
    P.S. I like your selection of music here on your blog.

  2. Your list is great and really interesting. I need to do one just to get to know myself better. From your list, I am 2 - big time, 4, last half of 8, 11, 15, 17 big time, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25.

  3. Jordan, for sure. You can e-mail me at quinn22t@gmail.com.

  4. Thanks! I just sent you a bunch of questions. Looking forward to your answers.
    Stay well.

  5. How do you protect your photography at etsy? Anyone can save your pictures to their computers, then print it themselves. Jordan

  6. I loved your photography too! And I'm so happy that I'm not the only one with an Etsy....

  7. Jordan, I upload a super low res, so if someone wanted to steal it and print, it would turn out blurry.

    Hidden, whats your link?

  8. How do you upload a super low res? I would love to sell some of my photography there, but do not want someone to simply save it, then copy it.
    Thank you!
    Stay well,

  9. No. 12 had me laughing, because I am 10-15 minutes LATE everywhere. When I tell one of my friends I am going to be over in 5 minutes, he says "is that 5 real minutes, or 5 "Michael" minutes? Been trying to change for 20 years with no success. I always think that anywhere in the city where I live is only 15 minutes from anywhere else in the same city.

    Great post.

  10. LOL My fave is #10. That is SO me. I feel that if they bother to ask, then they must really care about the answer, or they wouldn't have asked. :)