July 21, 2009

The wanna be girlfriend

I have a wanna-be girlfriend stalker. Seriously.

Everyone in the ward knows she wants me and make fun of me, because its so clear I don't want her.

She has asked me if I wanted to... Well let me use her exact words, "Hey, we should totally hang out sometime."

"Ok, when?" I responded.

She translated that and told her friends, "I'm going on a date with an RM this weekend." Her friends told me this. I canceled the hang out session and avoided her the following weeks.

This and many other examples, have led to tonight.

After institute she said she wanted to talk. I got texts from two people saying she wanted to have a DTR (determine the relationship).

Ok so here is what happened. I knew all along she wanted to talk, but on the way out I just waved and said a general goodbye to M and her table. I got all the way to the car when I heard M shout my name.

So instead, I got out of the car and acted as if I had forgotten all about her wanting to talk to me. She said she had forgotten as well..... AS IF!

She said, "Things have been awkward between us, is there anything wrong?"

Knowing in my head I could end it all then and there, I wimped out and took the easiest way out.

"Well I heard the one time we were gonna hang out, you thought it was a date, and it wasn't."

M said, "I heard the same thing, and I don't know who started that." In my head I knew she had started it.

"Ok," I responded, "that was pretty much it."

We reiterated the same points one more time to each other, and then I said goodbye. As I got in my car for the second time, I heard another shout of my name, I leaned out of my car and said "yes?"

"In the future if we did want to [date], we don't have to tell anyone."

What I should have said was, "But I don't want to date you." But instead I smirked and said "oh, ok." I know mistake on my part.

Well I got home and texted her and said, "I guess there is more. I have heard from multiple people that you are interested in me... I just want to let you know that im not interested in you more than a friend."

I am currently awaiting her reply.


  1. OMG if there is anything more ominous than a "We need to talk" from a woman, I don't know what it is. Only two choices there: run like hell the other way, or hunker down and prepare for a storm. I learned to hate DTRs. I think you did the best you could in the circumstances. One suggestion for next time, if you ever have to give anyone else the "just as a friend" line, use a positive spin, e.g. "You deserve honesty from me, I would like to be friends, I can't do more than that, I hope you'll be okay with it."

  2. Good suggestion Alan. I wouldn't feel bad about saying no. She is making a relationship out of nothing. Nothing is scarier than a woman who is willing to do anything to get your attention.

  3. I just love the first picture, Quinn. Perfect.