July 14, 2009

Diversity Day at Orientation.

Today was my freshman orientation at college. I have taken one semester at another college, but had to attend this one in order to register for classes.

While at lunch I looked across my table to the next and saw sitting there... a transvestite.

I am at college, a place to open up my mind and explore the world, and I am at a very ethnically diverse campus as well, but I was a little... what's the right word... fascinated with this person.

Of course I didn't stare but I'd be lying if I didn't say I looked more than 20 times. Besides Real World Brooklyn on MTV, this is my first transvestite person I have seen, at least that I know of.

I find trasnvestites very intriguing. I would love to sit down with one and understand their thinking.

I also spotted a large number of HOT gay guys (I like to think my gay-dar is in tune). So college should be interesting and fun this year!

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  1. Just so you know, the term "transvestite" can be offensive to a lot of transpeople. The best is usually "transgendered person", or simply just person. If she is (now) a woman, transwoman, or if he is now a man, then transman, if you really need to define that they're gender identity is different from their birth gender - but I think for the most part it's better to simply treat them as the gender they are desiring to be, and leave it at that.