June 29, 2009

A little more PC

Well, I am now using this blog as a way to connect and make friendships with other guys who like guys. So please know that the previous post was extremely personal but gave you a quick glimpse into what I'm going through.

As I am not out to people other than my parents, one sibling and a select few friends I am using a fake name, and will bleep out other names, to conceal myself until a future date.

Tonight was FHE and it was really fun. Aside from the activity and lesson there is this new boy who has been coming to church recently. He is not moved here yet, but may and can I please say he is so cute. He is quiet, but confident. He has a fine body and cute face. Yes it sounds shallow, but come on who am I kidding, those things do matter.

I don't know if he is moving here or not, but he is some nice eye candy for a while.

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